La Validation par un tiers



Third-party validation is the final step on the Parcours de Protection des Clients. During this step, financial service providers who have been working to address gaps in their client protection practices have a third party evaluate and confirm their state of practice.  These evaluations may be conducted by organizations such as rating agencies, or by a team of two individuals.

Cerise+SPTF recommends that the selection of third-parties be undertaken carefully.  To assist you with your selection, Cerise+SPTF has developed resources outlining the professional and ethical standards to which we believe external reviewers should be held, along with the qualifications we believe they should possess.

Interested in third-party validation? Check out these helpful resources.

Our core recommendations for selecting third parties that use the industry’s client protection standards and who are aligned with best practices of validation.*

For financial service providers (or the impact investors who fund them) to use when seeking to hire a third party provider to carry out an external validation.

A list of experts who are trained and qualified** in our tools and methodology and can conduct assessments of your client protection and/or SEPM practices.

*Please note that Cerise+SPTF has not investigated or confirmed compliance by the third-parties with the Guidelines and Client Protection framework, nor does it recommend, endorse or make any representations regarding any third-party. The Cerise+SPTF Standards are a public good and may be downloaded here.

Notes on the Resources

* Cerise+SPTF has not investigated or confirmed compliance by the third-parties with the Guidelines and Client Protection framework, nor does it recommend, endorse, or make any representations regarding any third-party. T

** Cerise+SPTF’s intensive, ongoing training courses build expertise and credibility in client protection evaluation. Those who complete the highest level of our training (Step #3 – the qualification process, which consists of personalized coaching on a real client protection assessment) become Qualified Client Protection Auditors and join our SEPM Pros Network 

Si vous souhaitez obtenir une certification en matière de protection des clients, vous pouvez contacter directement les organismes suivants, qui sont actuellement agréés par Cerise+SPTF :





Provisional status with oversight and training from Cerise+SPTF



Octobre 2023

Statut provisoire pour 2023 avec supervision et formation par Cerise+SPTF

Cerise+SPTF accorde des "agréments" aux organismes qui souhaitent effectuer des certifications de protection des clients. Un"organisme de certification agréé" est une organisation structurée et enregistrée qui possède les systèmes robustes pour assurer une prise de décision les décisions de les capacités Les certifications sont conduites selon la méthodologie de Cerise+SPTF, alignée sur les Normes Universelles. Cela garantit la qualité et la comparabilité des résultats des certifications.

Parce qu'ils se voient confier l'importante responsabilité de juger les mécanismes de protection des clients d'un prestataire de services financiers, les organismes de certification sont eux-mêmes soumis à une évaluation et à un suivi rigoureux par le comité d'approbation de Cerise+SPTF. En tant que tels, ils se conforment à nos Conditions générales d'utilisation.