How to join & why

Client protection is not the whole of social and environmental performance management—but it is the minimum moral obligation of every financial institution. 


Therefore, Cerise+SPTF invite all financial service providers to join the Client Protection Pathway, an initiative launched in September 2021 to accelerate client protection implementation in our industry. Joining the CP Pathway is completely free of cost—and demonstrates to donors, investors, the public, and clients themselves that the provider is serious about ensuring that their financial products and services do not harm clients.


Donors and investors also increasingly require joining the CP Pathway as a minimum precondition for funding. Read the Joint Statement signed by many prominent funders and support organizations, encouraging all FSPs to join the CP Pathway.


Joining the CP Pathway is simple. First, make sure you are familiar with the Client Protection Standards. Then, fill out the short interest form below. We will email you with directions for completing an online profile. For a preview of what the online profiles look like, visit our List of FSPs Committed to Client Protection