Responsible Inclusive Finance Facility for Central America and the Caribbean (RIFF-CAC)

Introduction to RIFF-CAC

The Responsible Inclusive Finance Facility for Central America and the Caribbean (RIFF-CAC) seeks to strengthen the capacities and practices of inclusive financial services providers in the region. 

To that end, RIFF-CAC offers public trainings on social and environmental performance management (SEPM) and provides co-financing for certain activities related to SEPM.

  1. Introductory Training on Key Topics of Responsible and Inclusive Finance
    (1 to 3 days in person or also online)
  2. Training on Client Protection Standards
  3. SPI Online Workshop for the Financial Service Provider
  4. Individual SPI Auditor Training online (offered in limited capacity)
  5. Training for Technical Assistance Providers in Specific Areas of SEPM
  6. Training in Green Finance 
  1. SPI Social Audit
  2. Evaluation on Client Protection
  3. Participation in the evaluation pilot on Responsible Digitization
  4. Update Project (to improve client protection, SEPM practices, or responsible digitization)
  5. Specialized training for a single financial institution within a specific area in SEPM
  6. Client Protection Certification
  7. Social Ratings

RIFF-CAC currently accepts applications from organization located in the following countries:

  • English-speaking Caribbean countries
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador – priority country
  • Guatemala – priority country
  • Haiti – priority country
  • Honduras – priority country
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua – priority country
  • Panama

At this time, we can not finance projects in South America.


To contact RIFF-CAC, please email

Not accepting applications at this time

Thank You To Our Generous Funders

RIFF-CAC is funded by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC), and the Government of Luxembourg via The Financial Inclusion Fund administered by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft


RIFF-CAC is managed by SPTF in coordination with REDCAMIF, the regional microfinance network for Central America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

  • RIFF-CAC Director:
    Cara S. Forster (SPTF)

  • RIFF-CAC Coordinator:
    Aracely Castillo (REDCAMIF)

  • RIFF-CAC Steering Committee Members:
    Lucy Charrier (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
    Paula Cortez (ADA)
    Laura Foose (SPTF)
    Snezana Jovic (CERISE)
    Anna Kanze (Grassroots Capital Management)