Join the Client Protection Pathway

The Client Protection Pathway is…

  • completely free of cost.
  • a global network of financial service providers who are committed to client protection.
  • a roadmap for implementing the Client Protection Standards and staying on track.
  • a way to deliver responsible products and to communicate this progress to investors.

For Financial Service Providers


Protecting your clients is essential to your business and to their welfare, but it is not easy. That is why we have designed a roadmap for all financial service providers (of any size, status, or country) to achieve client protection. At every step on the Client Protection Pathway, we have resources and support ready for you.

Joining the Client Protection Pathway demonstrates to donors, investors, the public, and clients themselves that you are serious about ensuring that your financial products and services avoid harming clients.

Protecting clients increases their trust and loyalty — and helps make you the provider of choice. As clients begin to prosper and their financial needs grow, your ongoing commitment to client protection increasingly enhances your word-of-mouth reputation.

Donors and investors may also require you to join the Client Protection Pathway as a minimum precondition for funding.

Joining the Client Protection Pathway is simple and free of cost. First, make sure you are familiar with the Client Protection Standards. Then, fill out the form accessible through the “JOIN NOW” button below.

  1. You will be invited to sign a commitment to implement client protection.
  2. You will be asked to submit, now or within 6 months, a proof of a recent client protection assessment, which is the first step towards implementation. We will not share it with external parties, although interested parties may contact you to request it.
  3. After reviewing your submission, we will email you to inform you that your profile is online here.

For Investors, Networks, Associations, Regulators, and other Stakeholders 


For investors, adding client protection criteria to contracts can minimize exposure to both financial and reputational risk. It also demonstrates social responsibility.

If you believe that client protection is a vital element in your contribution to the industry, add your name to the call for action already signed by many prominent funders, networks, and support organizations, who have all encouraged all financial service providers to join the Client Protection Pathway.

Psst!  After signing, let your stakeholders know! Our Communications Kit provides suggested key messages and helpful information.