About Membership

Membership Support Is Essential

SPTF’s annual membership program allows organizations from the inclusive finance industry to support and play a larger role in SPTF’s work.  But, more than that, membership is the reason we are still here.  

In recent years, grant funding for our industry support work has become so scarce that it resulted in the permanent closures of all our brethren organizations (the Smart Campaign, the SEEP Network, the Mix, MF Transparency, Truelift, and more).

SPTF alone has survived, thanks to our members. Last year, membership fees entirely funded our operations for several months when we were between grants – and helped us secure our current grants. The donors now funding us saw our paying members as proof that the industry truly values our work.

So if you also value our work and want to ensure we keep doing it, please join our current members and sign up today!

Annual fees not a good fit for your organization?

We also offer contributing membership where organizations fund a specific SPTF project or activity. 

For more information, contact us at membership@sptfnetwork.org.

Member Benefits

For most of our members, the main appeal and benefit of becoming a member is that it helps ensure SPTF’s survival. Typically, our members are our closest partners who have been benefiting from SPTF’s work for years and would find it a great detriment if we disappeared.

Becoming a member is also a great way to take a more prominent leadership role in the inclusive finance industry and to help determine its direction, because members also receive these additional benefits:

  • ability to elect and be elected to the SPTF Board of Directors
  • ability to announce events/news in the Cerise+SPTF newsletter
  • opportunities to contribute content and propose topics for Cerise+SPTF meetings
    priority registration and
  • discounts at Cerise+SPTF events
  • invitations to member-only events
  • recognition on our website, newsletter, and in printed event materials

Annual Membership Fees

The cost of annual membership depends on your organization’s type and size.

Organization Type
Organization Size
Fee (USD)
All sizes

AUM > $500 million USD
AUM of $100 million to $500 million USD
AUM < $100 million USD


Financial Service Provider

Loan portfolio > $50 million USD 
Loan portfolio of $5 million to $50 million USD 
Loan portfolio < $5 million USD 


Network of FSPs

Operating budget > $20 million USD 
Operating budget of $3 million to $20 million USD 
Operating budget < $3 million USD 


Membership Association
Research Institute
Standard Setting Body / Fora

Global (spanning an industry around the world) 
Regional (spanning multiple countries)
National (spanning one country)


Information Service Provider
Consulting Organization

Operating budget > $2 million USD 
Operating budget of $500,000 to $2 million USD 
Operating budget < $500,000 USD 


Annual Membership Fees

The cost of annual membership depends on your organization’s type and size.

Eligible Organizations

Annual membership is available to organizations fitting one of the following descriptions:

  • Financial Service Providers
    Organizations who offer financial services, such as loans and savings, to clients.
  • Association/Network
    An association or network of financial service providers.
  • Investor
    Organizations who make equity and/or debt investments in financial service providers.
  • Funders
    Grant-making entities.
  • Information Service Provider
  • Auditor
  • Rater
  • Standard Setter
  • Support Organization
    Organizations who work with financial service providers in multiple countries, setting policies and providing services for affiliates/partners, and also providing investment/technical assistance.