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Jointly calling all financial service providers to join the Client Protection Pathway

In 2021, Cerise+SPTF launched a call to action amongst investors and development finance institutions to engage on client protection risks. The aim was to create global uptake on the existing work – to create transparency and comparability, and to share examples of successful client protection implementation.

Today, signatories of the Joint Statement include not only funders but also networks, associations, and other support organizations within responsible inclusive finance.

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Concrete ways to drive client protection implementation among your investees

Signatories of the joint statement commit to reporting annually on the actions they have taken during the investment process in order to drive client protection uptake.

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The Joint Statement

We, the undersigned investors, networks, and associations, call on all financial service providers to implement the Client Protection Standards, which are the essential practices for excellence in consumer protection. These standards protect clients from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices and equip people with the information, steps, and tools that they need to make sound financial decisions. The Client Protection Standards are embedded within the Universal Standards for SEPM and are a key component of social and environmental performance management.

We also call on all providers to join the Cerise+SPTF Client Protection Pathway. The “CP Pathway” guides providers in implementing the Client Protection Standards and helps them stay on track, while getting public exposure. Though each provider is responsible for its own practices, we recognize that only through collective action can we ensure the stability and vitality of the industry.

Every stakeholder has a role to play. As such, each signatory of this joint statement is supporting its partners in their pursuit of client protection excellence. Each signatory commits to implementing the Guidelines to Minimum Actions on Client Protection for investments in the inclusive finance sector, and also commits to reporting annually to the SIWG outlining the concrete actions the signatory has taken in these areas of the investment process.

As our industry faces new opportunities and risks from the pandemic, digitalization, climate change, and more, our shared social mission should remain at the center. As an initiative created by and for the industry, we encourage your active engagement and feedback as the Client Protection Pathway unfolds.


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