Data & Benchmarking


Our social audit tool, SPI, lets financial institutions assess their practices against the Universal Standards. SPI has been used to generate thousands of high-quality social audits and has generated one of the most robust bodies of data in the world about social and environmental performance management.

The Cerise+SPTF team includes skilled data scientists and analysts who understand how to mine our own datasets and publicly available ones, understand the stories the data tell, and turn those stories into actionable insights. We offer:

  • Personalized benchmarking reports to compare individual organizations against peer groups
  • Portfolio analyses to compare an entire portfolio against peer groups
  • Practical recommendations for prioritizing gaps and relevant technical resources
  • State of practice reports at country, regional, network levels
Although many of those who use these services come from the financial services industry (e.g., financial service providers, their investors, national or regional networks and associations, development finance institutions), this work is relevant and valuable to other social businesses, too.