This collection of videos from around the world showcases providers, investors, and other stakeholders who value and prioritize Social Performance Management (SPM) and the Universal Standards.

Financial Service Providers put the Universal Standards into practice​

Financial service providers from all over the world explain how they are implementing the Universal Standards in their operations and strategy. Use these videos to understand how the Universal Standards work in practice, and to convince others of the value of SPM.

Instructional videos about Social Performance Management​​

These videos present more of the technical details of SPM. Use them for your own learning, or when giving trainings to others.

BRAC Bangladesh: Behavioral Social Performance

CGAP: Customers Segmentation Toolkit

Other stakeholders promote the Universal Standards​

Investors and other stakeholders discuss the importance of the Universal Standards. Use these videos to understand the relevance of SPM and the Standards for other stakeholders and to convince others of the value of SPM.

Investors: A Resource for Evaluating Social Performance

FODEMI: Ecuador (Spanish)

SPM Videos

Investors Agree: Use the Universal Standards

Finding Balance for Financial Service Providers

SPM helped put us on the map