Renée Chao-Beroff​​


Renée Chao-Beroff is the founder and Managing Director of PAMIGA and PAMIGA FINANCE SA, an investment vehicle in rural microfinance for Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2019, with the merger of CIDR and PAMIGA, she became the CEO of CIDR Pamiga, an international NGO aimed at unlocking the social and economic potential of rural populations in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Ms. Chao-Beroff worked for more than 20 years in remote rural areas and in poor peri-urban neighborhoods, and as an advisor to public and private decision-makers in many countries about policy and strategy, as well as to many donors. She has initiated work to measure social and environmental performance for microfinance as Chairwoman of Cerise, and participated in the founding of the Social Performance Task Force. Ms. Chao-Beroff has taught rural and agriculture finance at CEFEB (in Marseille), at the Boulder Training Institute (in Colorado and in Turin) and at Sciences Po in Paris. She was a member of the Policy Advisory Group and at the Executive Committee of CGAP (the think-tank of the World Bank and the 30 largest donors and DFIs for Financial Inclusion) for 10 years. Ms. Chao-Beroff advocates an integrated approach, where technical assistance and investment work in synergy to increase and scale up Impact. This was the vision that led her to create PAMIGA in 2006 and PAMIGA FINANCE in 2012. With CIDR Pamiga, Ms. Chao-Beroff aims at pushing financial inclusion further into impact investment, digital platforms for agricultural value chains, and climate change responses. She is a director at Convergence and active member in numerous international working groups.