The Client Protection Assessment Tool and Standards

In February 2022, CERISE+SPTF released an updated version of the Universal Standards. The Client Protection Standards are fully integrated in the dimensions of the Universal Standards. For those interested in seeing only the Client Protection Standards, we have also organised them as an Annex to the Universal Standards, presented within the structure of the eight Client Protection Standards:


Click to download the Client Protection Standards v3.0 in your preferred language:

– CP 3.0 in English
– CP 3.0 en Français
– CP 3.0 en Español


Click to download the updated version of The Client Protection Self-Assessment Tool (CP SAT v3.3.2 beta), a tool to evaluate your organization’s performance against the Client Protection Standards v3.0.

Check out this video for a guided tour of the tool (in English).

The eight CP Standards are the following:

1. Appropriate Product Design & Delivery

The provider’s products, services, and channels benefit clients.

2. Prevention of Over-Indebtedness

The provider does not overindebt clients.

3. Transparency

The provider gives clients clear and timely information to support client decision making.

4. Responsible Pricing

The provider sets prices responsibly.

5. Fair & Respectful Treatment of clients

The provider enforces fair and respectful treatment of clients.

6. Privacy of Client Data

The provider secures client data and informs clients about their data rights.

7. Mechanisms for Complaints Resolution

The provider receives and resolves client complaints.

8. Governance & HR 

The governance and management are committed to Client Protection, and HR systems support its implementation.

Here are the previous versions of the Client Protection Standards and Assessment tool.

– The Client Protection Standards v2.0 in Excel format. On the first tab, select your language.
– The Client Protection Self-Assessment Tool (CP SAT), with Client Protection Standards v2.0.