Aracely Castillo


Aracely Castillo, Responsible Inclusive Finance Facility for Central America and the Caribbean Implementation Support and Executive Director of REDCAMIF. Since 2018, Aracely has coordinated the Fund for Responsible and Inclusive Finance in Central America and the Caribbean (FFRI-CAC), a fund that is jointly executed by the SPTF and REDCAMIF, and which aims to strengthen the trainings and practices of inclusive financial service providers in the region.She is currently working for REDCAMIF as Executive Director. She was certified by the Smart Campaign to carry out client protection evaluations and is a Qualified Auditor by Cerise to carry out social audits with the SPI4 tool, having evaluated important institutions and banks in the region on these issues. She began her microfinance career as a manager for a microfinance institution in Nicaragua and the creation of the small and medium enterprise group for a commercial bank. She is based in Nicaragua, and her primary language is Spanish.