European Commission Consultation on SFDR Implementation

In order to define a global and aligned inclusive finance sector response to this important EC Consultation, 2 documents were developed in close cooperation by a group of asset managers and investors in the financial inclusion industry over 3 months and shared with all members of the Cerise+SPTF Social Investor Working group as well as other impact industry networks such as GIIN. 

The questionnaire was submitted by Cerise+SPTF as the Inclusive Finance sector response to the EC Consultation on December 14th, 2023

We particularly wish to thank Symbiotics’ Emmanuelle Javoy, the ILX Sustainability Team with Luz Martinez and Ines van der Vorst, as well as Triodos IM for their important commitment in time and their dedication to develop this proposal within the tight deadline for the Consultation by taking the lead on this project. Our thanks also go to Invest in Vision, Incofin, FS Impact Finance and Arendt Luxembourg for their support.