Who Can Certify

Cerise+SPTF manages the certification framework and methodology, and works closely with qualified rating agencies to ensure that Client Protection Certifications are meaningful and consistent.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the organizations listed below are authorized to conduct Client Protection Certifications. No audits from any other entity will be considered under the Cerise+SPTF Certification framework. Please check this page frequently. Cerise+SPTF continually seeks to identify, develop, and approve additional entities who can meet our rigorous standards.

Please note that Cerise+SPTF approves Certification Bodies (organizations). We do not ourselves conduct, oversee, or approve the individual certifications of financial service providers. This remains the responsibility of the Certification Bodies we approve and authorize.
If you are seeking a Client Protection Certification, you can contact directly the following organizations who are currently approved by Cerise+SPTF:





Provisional status with oversight and training from Cerise+SPTF


Approved through

October 2023

Provisional status for 2023 with oversight and training from Cerise+SPTF

Cerise+SPTF grants “Approvals” to organizations who want to conduct client protection certifications.  An “approved certification body” is a structured and registered organization which possesses the robust systems to ensure impartial decision-making, the capacity to perform client protection certifications, and whose client protection certification methodology is aligned with the Universal Standards. This ensures the quality and comparability of the results of certifications.

Because they are entrusted with the significant responsibility of judging a financial service provider’s client protection systems, the Certification Bodies themselves are subject to rigorous evaluation and monitoring by Cerise+SPTF’s Approval Committee. As such, they comply with our Terms and Conditions.